SorbaTech® Adsorbent Products

SorbaTech Adsorbent Desiccant Products for Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Electronics Industry and Consumer Product Protection Flow Dry Technology provides a range or SorbaTech® adsorbent products (silica gel bags etc.) which offer high reliability cost effective moisture control solutions. Our desiccant bags are used to manage moisture, odor, and other contaminant substances that can adversely affect the shelf life and integrity of your product. You will find out adsorbent packs used across a range of applications including pharmaceutical/biomedical product packaging; protecting electrical goods during shipping and packaging; within product packaging. We are industry experts and innovators, with production on 3 continents (USA, China and Mainland Europe), trusted for over 70 years to deliver high quality and cost effective adsorbent, absorbent and desiccant solutions.

SorbaTech® Tyvek silica absorbent packets, desiccant strip packets and silica gel or molecular sieve unit bags are made with durable, non-dusting, Tyvek® cover stock material and filled with the right adsorbent or adsorbent blend for the task of removing moisture vapor, odors, or other gases in your application.

Silica Gel SorbaTech® Adsorbent Bags Are Used In Many Industries.

SorbaTech® Adsorbents control and remove moisture, chemical odor, and other contaminant in many situations where water, gas or odors are a problem and need to be removed. The benefits of including adsorbent bags in your products and packaging include:

Industrial Use of SorbaTech® Desiccants to Protect Products:

The Right Choice of Adsorbent Fill Materials:

Not all desiccants have the same properties or capabilities so it may not be obvious to you which adsorbent is best? At Flow Dry Technology, our engineers are experts in using desiccant and adsorbents to solve moisture and gas contaminant problems. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and help you select the right adsorbent or combination of desiccant materials. We have fully capable prototyping and testing facilities, allowing us to work with you to develop the right solution for your desiccant needs.

STOP! Are you Wasting Money of Cheap Desiccants and Adsorbents?

There are lots of cheap suppliers of silica gel and other adsorbent materials like molecular sieve. But the quality varies greatly and sometimes the desiccants people use are actually ineffective! We've published two articles to help people realise the risks of using substandard products:

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Our team are based in Europe, China and the USA and speak a number of languages. But they all speak "Desiccants, Adsorbents and Moisture Control". We're available to help you get the right moisture control solution and can advise you for free on a range of topics including:

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