Single Tube Desiccant Bags

Our Flow Dry® Single Tube Desiccant Bags are your cost-effective solution for any installation requiring moisture management and control. These moisture absorbing bags are typically used in Integrated Condenser Dryers and small diameter desiccant receiver cans in air-conditioning systems.

Single Tube Desiccant Bag Technical Specification.
Outside diameter:18 to 50mm
End seal widths:20 to 80mm
End seal options:1. Straight Seam
2. Tucked Seam providing a narrow width for easier insertion into condenser tube.
Single Tube Desiccant Bag with Straight and Folded Seams for automotive industry

Above we see the 1. Straight and 2. Tucked Seam Flow Dry® single tube desiccant bags side by side. The inset image in the bottom left shows a Single Tube with straight seams being inserted into an automotive heat exchange system.